Jarred Elmar

Managing Partner

Jarred Elmar is the Managing Partner of The Geneva Group.

Jarred E. Elmar is the Managing Partner of The Geneva Group. Since 1999 Mr. Elmar and his partners have been acquiring and managing residential and commercial real estate for their own portfolio with over 1.8 million square feet of retail, multi-family, industrial and residential acquisitions to date.  The Geneva Group focuses primarily on neighborhood retail centers, light industrial and small bay warehouse complexes, office buildings and multi-family apartment complexes. 

Mr. Elmar began his real estate career in the Atlanta Georgia Metro area, where he began purchasing single family homes on the courthouse steps right after high school. After acquiring dozens of rental homes, he sold the residential portfolio and began investing in apartment communities in 2010 while at the same time acquiring value-add office buildings and retail shopping centers. Until recently, Mr. Elmar hosted a financial radio show on WSBR radio 5 days a week for 7 years strong. He has been featured on several radio talk shows to discuss how money works rather than how one particular investment or asset class may perform. His financial aptitude has allowed him to creatively purchase assets, buy out existing leases from national credit tenants and find higher and better uses to reposition blighted properties. 

Mr. Elmar is a self-educated entrepreneur. He has created an impressive real estate portfolio both past and present with no formal education, college, financial backing or previous experience. He is also a public speaker with platform lectures such as: 
·Starting at "0"
·Sales and Negotiating Mastery
·Get Motivated
·Survive and Thrive in anything you do.